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“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”

Massimo Vignelli








Cobie Blue is a team of award-winning packaging designers with decades of industry experience working with global brands and solving tough packaging challenges. We are designers and innovators in the consumer product space and our client list includes the world’s most recognized brands, but we also specialize in helping young brands launch new products. Brainstorming, branding, structural design, 3D modeling, realistic rendering, and prototyping are just a few of the services we offer. We can take you from idea generation all the way to pre-production. We are passionate, knowledgeable, and always learning. Our experience in manufacturing and industrial design gives us a unique vantage point for finding unique solutions.   

What we can do for you is everything from blue-sky concepts to 3D design and prototyping, this includes labels and secondary packaging. We also provide consulting on everything from proof of concept/unit tool to production. We can be your liaison to manufacturers and make sure we are asking the right questions and that the integrity of the design is maintained through the manufacturing process.

Our team is nimble and our process is flexible but we start every project the same way, listening and learning. We want to understand our client’s needs, their customer’s needs, and any other challenges they might be facing.

Cobie Blue is a creative agency, and our true value comes from our perspective, our experience, and how we solve problems. We want our clients to understand what we focus on when we are working with them to solve their problems. Here is a glimpse of the 3-pillar framework that shapes our designs.

Consumer Centric 

• Creating a positive experience before and after the sale

• Driving repeat purchases

• Focus on consumer relationships

• Usability

• Consumer feedback loop

Manufacturing Simplicity

• Materials (best application, single-use vs multi-use, emerging) 

• Process (producing, converting, labeling, filling)

• Shipping efficiencies

Maximizing Brand

• Increasing equity & recognition

• Unboxing/retail experience

• Packaging is an ambassador

• Truth in sustainable materials (recycle, reuse, re-purpose, refill, biodegradable)

• Unique & ownable solutions

• Protecting through I.P.

We are building relationships with the best suppliers, manufacturers, and co-packers in the packaging industry to help our clients find the resources they need to go to market. We are working with innovative material suppliers and converters to find the latest sustainable and emerging packaging material options. We are partnering with suppliers to pro-actively create category solutions that reduce or eliminate waste generated by traditional single-use packages. Our team is focused and ready to elevate your packaging to the next level through a simplified, sustainable approach. We are also partnering with academia to uncover new and exciting innovations in material alternatives to single-use plastics.

The designers at Cobie Blue Studio have spent their careers helping hundreds of clients solve complex packaging problems and launch new products into the marketplace. Here are a few of the notable clients we’ve had the pleasure of serving during our journey.

Cobie Blue Studio has joined forces with the Lean Rocket Lab because they provide a collaborative workspace full of high energy entrepreneurs, advanced educational programming, helpful business resources, and access to various stages of capital so businesses or products can launch and thrive. This gives us access to resources to better assist clients in not only designing products but launching them as well.


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